Monday, April 2, 2012

»Here's the Situation With Our Legal Marketing Super Conference

Here's the Situation With Our Legal Marketing Super Conference

Here's the situation, and one, frankly that we had not anticipated. In the past we have sold seats right up to the morning of the conference. As you can imagine, however, the number of people who have heard about Great Legal Marketing, joined our mastermind and coaching groups, etc has grown exponentially.

For this event we currently have 108 seats alloted. We thought that would be more than enough. In fact, with over a month to go, 74 of those seats are accounted for. It may well be that we sell out even before our next price discount cut off of May 15.

I don't want you to be upset later. If you have been procrastinating, please take a moment to decide to join us. If you have misplace the brochure or order form, links to both are below.

Also, some people have asked "who is coming?" The PRIMARY registrants are on a list and the link to that list is below.

The Conference Brochure is Here (its 19 pages and some have called it an education in and of itself.)

The application for the conference is here.

The list of primary attendees registered so far is here.

Note that the list does not include situations where more than one lawyer is coming from an office or where the marketing director of an office is also attending. As of 3:30 this afternoon, we have 74 total seats taken for.

Remember, if we have any seats after May 15, those are all full price seats.